Spare Change, A Crescent Moon, Aerial Boundaries.

Despite the high winds, I spent about an hour sitting in the hot tub tonight.   All though last night I had my favorite blonde and some great conversation, tonight it was me, the moon and some great music.   Since I started shooting night photography a few years back, I’ve become very aware of just how much light even a crescent moon can project. Once your eyes adjust, it’s easy to see the pale silvery light casting shadows across the ground.  Often, I bring my droid and a pair of headphones with me so that I can kick back to some mood music; the choice tonight being selections from Michael Hedges.  Hedges was well known for playing his guitar by strumming both ends creating the sound of multiple players.  His music style was so unique, an entirely new type of notation had to be created so others could play it.

Anyway, two particular tracks “Spare Change” and “Aerial Boundaries” were at the top of my playlist tonight.

You can catch a listen here:

Hedges died in a car crash back in the 1990’s.   I didn’t discover his music until 2003 when I heard a sample of it on Public Radio’s weekly program “Hearts of Space.”  Amazingly, at one point in the early 80’s, he played a concert just two towns away from my home and later another just an hour from where I live now.

I’ll never get to see him perform but nearly 14 years after his death, his music still sets the tone for a few moments of quiet reflection and relaxation  under the silvery light of a crescent moon. These are the moments I live for.


~ by magellanous on February 8, 2011.

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