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GM Bus

As some of you who know me already know, I was saddened to learn that the Pearsonville Junkyard near the Mojave in California has been cleared by a crushing crew.  A local photographer confirmed that the majority of these great cars and trucks are now nothing more than memories.  As of today, this GM Bus survives but her days are numbered – years of service followed by decades in the desert sands will culminate in one final route to a crusher.  I am hopeful that should I return to the area later in the year that she’ll still be there.  This bus was the first subject I had ever light painted and my first shot out of my two trips to this incredible location.

Two years ago when I made the nearly 16 hour journey from Cape Cod to this remote California location, I knew I had arrived at one of the most unique places I had ever seen in all of my travels.  Hundreds of cars preserved by the low humidity and the hot air.  Each car having been someone’s baby, each truck and bus having been part of some business ferrying goods and people to destinations near and far.  Imagine the stories they could tell, the places they have been.  How many of their previous owners knew of their ultimate fates?  Sitting here in this junkyard, each vehicle was a monument to someone’s life (or death.)  Many of them got a rare second chance at getting attention thanks to the seven night photography workshops that took place there.   If you have the time, go to and do a tag search for “Pearsonville” to see these great cars and trucks.  These photos are now monuments to them.

To all those vehicles that existed these many years until last month, I say “Rest in peace…again.”


~ by magellanous on February 9, 2011.

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