Beginnings, Journeys, Destinations and Fate


I did a little research today to determine when the old bus in Pearsonville may have originally rolled off of the assembly line.  Turns out that “Ol’ GM” was built in 1945 by General Motors and was one of 1200 produced under the model number 4605.  This means that she’s 66 years old this year.

In my search for information, I came across the photo above of the shiny new-looking school bus of the same model year.  According to the photographer, this bus was refurbished by a municipality.  So here we have two buses, with identical origins and completely opposite fates; one enjoying retirement with a spiffy fresh paint job, the other decaying and baking in the desert sun.

I just started reading a book by Brian Greene called “The Hidden Reality; Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos.”  As a science fiction fan, I have always been fascinated by the concept of multiple versions of a person living out multiple outcomes.  On a much less scientific scale, seeing these two buses (twins in nature) with entirely different fates makes me appreciate how circumstances and years can create a wide gap in destinations.   It also makes me appreciate how minor decisions in the beginning can also put someone or something on a very different path from something else.  The top bus could easily have suffered the same fate as the bottom one (and vice versa) if someone back in 1945 had made the simple decision to toss a different set of keys to one of those 1200 bus owners.  Or imagine if someone decided to cancel their order.  Every bus rolling off the line after that would have ended up in the hands of a different owner creating an entirely new path for each of them.

It’s probably too much to think about in every day life but I find it interesting none the less.  As time marches forwarded, it is these small decisions made decades ago that will allow some things to live on and allow others to be erased by time and be replaced only by a memory, and a photograph.



~ by magellanous on February 11, 2011.

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