I’ve got mail. You should too.

Well, it’s that day.  Someone special sent me not one or two cards but three!   Two of which I was advised I could open today before she arrives.  One I was asked to open in her presence and I will of course abide by her wishes.

She likes to send REAL mail.  By REAL I mean the kind that is handwritten, put in an envelope and is picked up and delivered by a human being.   Other than the usual holiday cards and birthday wishes, I rarely receive real mail.  I suspect that not many people do.  However, since she came into my life I have received more real mail from her than any others combined and I have to say that I am quite a fan of it.  It actually inspired me to start sending some  mail of my own.

Everyone knows that I am a tech-head.  Between my droid incredible, my nook and my macbook, I am almost ALWAYS connected and, quite frankly, I love it. But it is easy to forget the simple ways to stay in communication or to send a message without the benefit of a cell phone tower or a wifi connection. Who knows – maybe someday we’ll be telling our grandchildren about how a postal worker in a truck would bring physical mail to your house.  And they’ll just look at you in amazement that mail used to be anything other than electronic.   They’ll also be amazed that the primary form of travel was in a car, instead of a transporter to say nothing about what life was like pre-ipod and pre-hdtv.  Undoubtedly, the things you choose not to take advantage of today may no longer be available when you finally decide you will.    Why not send some real mail soon?

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Spend it with someone special.  I am.


~ by magellanous on February 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “I’ve got mail. You should too.”

  1. I love her already !!! Because I LOVE GIVING AND GETTING REAL MAIL. SHE WILL FIT IN JUST FINE (even though we haven’t even met) LOL …..

    I had to write this electronically because I had to let you know.


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