Bear Mountain Lodge…

…is where we ended up, by the way.   On the way to this great log cabin bed and breakfast, we spent a night in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Girlfriend carted me all over the area to allow me to shoot some photography.   That fact alone would have “made the weekend” for me.  Top that off with two great destinations and a whole lot of things in between and it turned out to be a weekend that I will always remember.

We also had an amazing night sleigh ride to the top of a mountain in Conway.  We stopped briefly at the top where we had an incredible view of the city lights below, and a clear winter sky above.

The next day one of the lodge owners took as snow shoeing which was also amazing.  If we had more snow here on Cape Cod, I would consider picking up a pair of my own snow shoes.  Maybe next year.

Our next adventure is to Charleston, South Carolina in May.  I have never been to this particular city but I understand it’s a great place to bring a camera.  After running some quick numbers, we’ve determined that it’s more affordable to drive than to fly.  You’d think with the price of gas, it wouldn’t be but Charleston does not have a major airport so ticket prices start at $350.   The price for driving including gas, food and a hotel each way works out to be $200 per person for  a group of 4.  Reasonable enough. I’ve been itching for a road trip in a southerly direction.  This one may turn out to be relatively short.  Regardless, the open road awaits.




~ by magellanous on March 13, 2011.

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