Stopping to smell the roses (or shoot the pier.)

Myrtle BeachI just returned from a week-long road trip to Charleston, South Carolina.   It’s easy to forget how big of a world there is out there until you spend a few days on the open highway.   One of the advantages of living on the east coast is the amount of places a traveller has easy access to.  While en route, we made a stop in Virginia Beach and also Myrtle Beach and South of the Border on the way home.  We only spent about an hour in Myrtle.  It might not seem like much of a visit but just having a few brief moments to feel the Atlantic waters wash over my feet was enough.   In my younger years of whirl-wind traveling, I never took a moment to breathe and to make the realization that I was somewhere.  I don’t make that mistake anymore and thanks to my camera, I always have a reminder of where I’ve been and how I saw what I saw when I was there.  This photo was my favorite of all the ones I shot there.  I’ll probably print it and hang it in my bedroom and remember that I took a moment out of my day to live.  You should take more photos too.


~ by magellanous on May 11, 2011.

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